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Jenks is a third of the Vampiric Charms runner service. Originally he takes the garden for his family as pay, however later he does a run for Trent Kalamack and Trent purchases the Church and resells it to Jenks for a dollar in exchange. Jenks looks about 18 years old despite his many children, he has blond hair and wears silk, typically black if he is on a run. He is extremely skilled in stealth detection, armed combat, and frying electronics. He is also ready and willing to pix anyone who bothers his family or friends.


In the Main SeriesEdit

Jenks is married to Matalina, another pixy. At one point Jenks goes on a run with Rachel to rescue Nick Sparaganos, her ex-boyfriend, from some Weres, and Rachel makes him large using a demon curse. It is later revealed that even after returning to normal size this has reset Jenk's biological clock, and despite the normal pixy lifespan being 20 years he will now live approximately another 20. His wife's death at the hands of faeries causes him to become suicidal, and he would have killed himself to join her if Rachel had not shrunk herself using another demon curse and talked him out of it. He is since doing better but appears to still be looking for a way to move past Matalina's death.

Dead Witch WalkingEdit

Coming Soon

The Good, The Bad, and the UndeadEdit

Coming Soon

Every Which Way But DeadEdit

Coming Soon

A Fistful of CharmsEdit

Coming Soon

For a Few Demons MoreEdit

Coming Soon

The Outlaw Demon WailsEdit

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White Witch, Black CurseEdit

Coming Soon

Black Magic SanctionEdit

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Pale DemonEdit

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A Perfect BloodEdit

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In the Novellas and Short StoriesEdit

Undead in the Garden of Good and EvilEdit

Jenks does not appear in this story.

Two Ghosts for Sister RachelEdit

Jenks does not appear in this story.

Dirty MagicEdit

Jenks does not appear in this story.

The Bridges of Eden ParkEdit

Jenks does not appear in this story.

The BespelledEdit

Jenks does not appear in this story.

Ley Line DrifterEdit

Jenks helps save a fellow pixie's children from a possessed statue.

Jenk's ChildrenEdit

Jenks says in "Ley Line Drifter" that he has 54 children. The Hollows Insider lists 53 living children, their names are: Jax, Jerrimatt, Jolivia, Jack, Jessica, Jrixibell, Jariath, Jristofer, Jenry, Jistina, Jarlies, Josie, Jiselle, Jinn, Josbelle, Jeorge, Jagan, Jaul, Jalaheel, Jezabel, Joshua, Jorel, Jaiden, Janie, Jih, Jillian, Jannie, Jake, Jhem, Juniper, Jacen, Joce, Janthony, Janice, James, Jinni, Jocelynn, Jacklyn, Jamilla, Jessie, Jalan, Jixy, Jamantha, Jumoke, Junis, Jacey, Jhan, Jicholas, Jarie, Jindrew, Jichael, Jeremy, and Josephine. His first child died during it's first winter which makes the total 54.

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